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Take the first steps towards a better you with GROK Cancer Movement Charity

We are a non-profit charity aimed at helping patients transition into a healthy and active lifestyle beyond active cancer treatment.

GROK Cancer Movement Charity is a non-profit charitable organisation in Northern Ireland dedicated to improving the strength, quality of life and well-being of men and women dealing with post-cancer treatments.

Our 12–16-week rehabilitation programmes are designed for survivors of all types of breast cancer, including helping patients/clients recover from the harsh side effects associated with breast cancer treatments and are in the 4–52-week post-treatment recovery stage.

Our specialist cancer rehabilitation trainers will guide, facilitate and motivate you towards regaining physical fitness, strength and stamina, enhanced mobility and a better, balanced lifestyle.

Supporting you on your cancer journey.

Cancer rehabilitation programmes to boost your recovery, regain physical and emotional strength and improve body confidence and lifestyle.

Our team of specialist trainers and bespoke rehabilitation programmes are here to help you optimise physical & functional recovery whatever your treatment journey and outcome.

We’re a completely non-profit cancer recovery charity.

Proactive Exercise Glimpse

Exercise, Lifestyle and Wellness Programmes for Cancer Survivors

GROK Cancer Movement Charity helps cancer survivors to achieve their goals by educating and guiding them to adopt a better life that is focused on exercise and lifestyle changes to aid against primary and secondary cancer recurrence.

Much like cancer, our services do not discriminate against age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, or political or religious beliefs. We are determined only to provide the best exercise programmes and lifestyle interventions for people going through cancer in Northern Ireland.

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