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About GROK
Cancer Movement Charity

About Grok Cancer Movement Charity

Grok Cancer Movement Charity was established in March 2022 as a non-profit charity and the first charity of its kind to be set up in Northern Ireland. We bring specialist exercise rehabilitation to all men and women going through post-cancer breast and prostate cancer treatment and recovery.

Grok Cancer Movement Charity is committed to providing up-to-date information and support by demonstrating how to exercise safely and effectively and how to take ownership of one’s strength, mobility, fitness, health, and physical and mental well-being.

Helping breast and prostate cancer survivors reach their post-treatment goals

We believe that cancer survivors, regardless of age, gender or race should have unfettered access to specialised, bespoke exercise rehabilitation programmes that are specific to each patient’s cancer diagnosis and post-treatment goals.

We offer our programmes in a safe and compassionate group-based environment of 8-12 people recovering from all types of breast and prostate cancer treatments helping both men and women recover from all the harsh side effects from cancer treatments.

Bespoke Exercise, Lifestyle And Well-Being Programmes

Our programmes have been designed and developed to offer a range of exercise modalities which have been developed over the past 10 years and are delivered by experienced and professional trainers. Our cancer rehabilitation programmes offer supervised workouts designed to educate in using variable loading equipment and variable loading techniques and maintaining a healthy lifestyle either in-person, online or through pre-recorded video tutorial programmes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a supportive network and hub so that everyone going through cancer will have equal opportunity to take ownership of their health and rehabilitation.

We aim to run our specialised exercise programmes in the Antrim borough of Northern Ireland with the vision to grow our exercise rehab locations far and wide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide patient-specific rehabilitation programmes that optimise recovery, mobility, quality of life and well-being while providing an environment that promotes empathy, motivation and empowerment. You have been given a new life, we help you to live it.

Grok Cancer Movement Charity Pledge​

We believe that everyone going through cancer should have the right to:

1 Attend specialised exercise rehab programmes and education on how to recover strength, improve your lifestyle, and improve your mechanics and kinetics for a healthier, better you.


A safe environment that offers physical, mental, and social well-being support.


The knowledge and support needed to maintain a full recovery and future health, thus greatly diminishing your chances of recurrence.

“We all know someone either directly or indirectly affected by cancer, and, whether old, young, wealthy, or poor, this debilitating disease knows no boundaries. Thus, I believe, it is my duty to help all survivors to improve their health, happiness and well-being through exercise and a healthy lifestyle.”
- Ian Dollin.
Grok Cancer Movement Charity Founder.

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If you or a loved one has undergone cancer treatment, you may find it helpful to seek an experienced, compassionate cancer rehabilitation programme that goes a long way to promoting healing and recovery.

Our expert trainers are available to offer a programme that is right for you.